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Product questions!

Where should I start?

We have prepared a short guide for "how to get started", which you can see here . You also have the option to check our app and see which of our products suit you best, and why.

The difference between HookIt and StrapIt?

"StrapIt" is primarily to secure your grip when you perform back exercises and other types of pulling movements.

"HookIt" is cuffs. Cuffs can be used in your training to remove a joint in a movement, such as the wrists, which makes it easier to focus on the muscles you want to train.

Girls often use cuffs for their ballet training, which is why we've made a long model so you can get your foot through.

Otherwise, cuffs are good for e.g. shoulder exercises, but can also be used advantageously in your arm and chest training. If you are interested in more information - see our
app .

The life of the products?

It depends on how often you use them and how you treat the equipment.
However, they should always last between 6-12 months, and many have had their straps for many years.
Should you find that a product you have bought from us has broken or otherwise does not meet your expectations, please contact us via the chat on this page, or write to us at .

Which product should I buy?

It depends on what your goal is. Our app much more information, and otherwise you can also read under the answer under "What is the difference between HookIt and StrapIt" further up.

Is there a guarantee?

We don't want to call it a guarantee, but we naturally try to live up to our customers' expectations.

However, there is a big difference in how the customer uses the products, including how often and how heavy is lifted. All of these affect wear, so it varies.

But we are always very critical of our own quality, so do not hesitate to contact us on the chat on this page, or , if you feel in any way that our product does not meet your expectations.

Is it possible to buy a simple one? (I have lost a strap/hook)


You have the option of the basic colours, which are: Blue, Dark Blue, Black, White, Green, Pink, Rainbow and our collabs. Contact us at - and we'll find out.

Why use StrapIt over other straps or grips?

We simply think StrapIt is better than other straps on the market, but this is of course an individual assessment, and there are certainly other good products.

The advantage of StrapIt is that they are quicker to take off and on, and we mean that the grip is firmer with StrapIt.

Why use HookIt over other cuffs?

HookIt is comfortable, soft and smaller than other cuffs. Among these, our product is produced and developed in Denmark.

You can use HookIt in several different ways, which is not possible with the other types of cuffs that we have come across.

You can explore for yourself in our app and see more.


We deliver our packages with DAO or GLS and have an average delivery time of 1-3 working days.

Where do we deliver to?

We mainly ship to Denmark and Sweden. However, we have the option of sending to the entire EU. If your country does not appear on the list, you can contact us at to
make an individual agreement.

Delivery prices vary from country to country.

When will my package arrive?

It depends on where you live. In Denmark, it typically takes 1-3 days from dispatch.

Deliveries to Sweden currently take up to 14 days.

We deliver with DAO, which works 365 days a year.

I haven't received my package - what do I do?

If your package is shown as delivered, but you have not received it, we recommend that you start by looking carefully first, as the package is sometimes placed in a slightly unconventional place, and other times it has been delivered to the neighbor or similar.

If, on the other hand, you can't
find it, please contact us at ,
so we can find a solution.

When will my order be shipped?

We usually pack Monday to Saturday between 18:00 – 19:00
and sends it before 20:00.

The DAO works 365 days a year.

Return and refund

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your order if it is not yet
dispatched. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can cancel it for you.

We usually pack at 18:00 – 20:00, so if you contact us before this time, we can probably cancel the order before it is dispatched.

Can I return my product and get a refund?

If the product has been used or if it has text on it, unfortunately you cannot.

Otherwise, we will gladly take the product back and refund you the price of the product.

You can read more about our refund and return policy.

Can I get a return label?

Yes, but you have to pay the shipping yourself. You can use our return portal via this link .

Have a question that hasn't been answered here?

Please contact us at or through our contact page .