Daisy Chain kit
Daisy Chain kit
Daisy Chain kit
Daisy Chain kit
Daisy Chain kit

Daisy Chain kit

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Our Daisy chain helps you overcome weak points in exercises. Like at the bottom of leg press, hack squat, smith press and the like.

By setting up the Daisy chain and accompanying elastic, you can manipulate the resistance curve (when an exercise is hard and easiest) - In this way, you can make the hardest point easier.

With our Daisy chain, you can therefore train the selected muscle more effectively. Stop "going dead" at the bottom of an exercise.

In the package you will find:
- 1 daisy chain
- 1 elastic band
- 1 quality climbing carabiners

You can see all the exercises where you can use your Daisy chain in our App.

And remember - Made in Denmark, with fair wages and decent conditions, and with a focus on sustainability.

Technical information:
* Elastic provides 15-40 kg of resistance
* Carabiner approved for 1225 kg
* Daisy Chain approved for 500 kg

MakeIt ships to all of Denmark with DAO. We have a normal delivery time of 2-4 working days.

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