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StrapIt X Monk Fitness

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Our 100% original straps "StrapIt" are our take on the classic straps, only better.

The simple design makes them extremely easy to use and our original "StrapIt" is made of leather and high-quality cotton-based tape, sewn together with a strong and strong thread with double reinforcements at all the weakest points of the design.

So forget about the old-fashioned long straps, which are silly to wear between sets, and try our "Strapit" that you can easily keep on throughout your workout.

The advantage of straps is to ensure that the grip is not the limiting factor in your back training. Often the grip gives up long before the back muscles do, meaning you don't achieve optimal hypertrophy, which can be optimized with a set of straps.

"StrapIt" comes in 3 sizes (small, normal and XL) and several colors, and can even be made unique with your own text. They are of course made right here in Denmark, where we are committed to ensuring fair wages and a good working environment, just as we always use sustainable materials and minimize waste everywhere throughout our production.

In short - Train more efficiently, try "StrapIt".


Sizes: If your hand is smaller than 8.5 cm in diameter, we recommend you choose the size small.

*The guide is for guidance only.

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