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Mere end 20.000 straps solgt



We started the production of our StrapIt with leather scraps from other furniture industries. That way, we could use leather scraps that would otherwise be destroyed, which was both cheaper and better in our view.

However, it wasn't long before we had to produce so many that it was actually more expensive to use leather scraps, as each of the small pieces could only be cut into 4-10 pieces of leather that we could use in production. It therefore became more expensive to use leather scraps, but it was still something we prioritized.


As our sales grew even more, the use of leather scraps became even more unsustainable as we could not guarantee the right quality and color. For that reason, we began to investigate other options to find the perfect alternative to real leather, without compromising on what made StrapIt unique.

After several months of searching, and several trials, we found what we believe is the perfect bio-leather for StrapIt. The bio-leather contributes in the same way as regular leather to increasing the grip and comfort when you train, and it is completely sustainable - we like that!


The bio-leather itself is made in Italy using mainly by-products from corn and wheat production, and thus contains organic polyols, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions compared to other artificial leather types and materials that contain regular oil. And then it's 100% animal-free.

We at MakeIt strive every day to be as sustainable as possible, as we focus on working with suppliers who care about the environment and choose recycled materials for all parts of our production chain as well as packaging etc.